Sunday, June 26, 2011

rejoice! yes - do it :)

i will rejoice by adrienne berry
Encouraged by Savannah's blog , Christie Cottage
and the beautiful, inspired art by the gifted artist, Adrienne Berry
here is a Scripture for Scripture Sunday:

- yes you got that right - 
Rejoice!! Always

not just when you feel like it...
                           not just when things are comfortable...
not just when there is no suffering...

ALWAYS!!!!!  Halleluiah!! He lives!! His joy is IN YOU!! and if it isn't...don't you want it to be? His Joy never varies or Him...the same yesterday today and forever :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just One Crop....

Under The Mighty Oak

 The Crop of Acorns

There came a man in days of old
To hire a piece of land for gold,
And urged his suit in accents meek:
"One crop alone is all I seek;
The harvest o'er, my claim I'll yield
And to its lord return the field."

The owner some misgivings felt,
And coldly with the stranger dealt;
But found his last objection fail, 
And honeyed argument prevail;
So took the offered price in hand,
And for "one crop" leased out the land.

The wily tenant sneered with pride
And sowed the spot with acorns wide;
At first like tiny shoots they grew,
Then broad and wide their branches threw;
But long before those oaks could climb,
And finally reach their forest prime, 
The cheated landlord moldering lay,
Forgotten, with his kindred clay.

O ye whose years, unfolding fair,
Are fresh with youth and free from care,
should vice or laziness desire
The garden of your souls to hire,
No bargains make - reject the suit;
Don't let one seed the soil pollute.

My child, the first approach beware;
With firmness break the evil snare
Lest, as the acorns grew and throve
Into a sun-excluding grove,
Thy sins, a dark o'ershadowing tree,
Shut out the light of heaven from thee.

L.H. Sigourney