Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peacocks Dream, The Designer

When you see something designed, such as these beautiful, simple and lovely earrings, you see the distinctive mark of the designer. Here, it is the gifted and talented artist Renata Gebauerova

This is her design; it is available on fabric
the "mark" ~ the " fingerprint", the design, is unmistakeably hers -

The design on this tee shirt, also her design, which is on fabric as well, is unmistakeably
Rencha .....:) cheerful, joyous, chic and lovely - her designs are one of a kind......

They reflect her -
renule etsy
rencha redbubble
renule fabric designs
rencha zazzle
Her designs are quite intricate, and beautiful - they do not happen in a blink and yet - she creates them ~

The peacock's feathers detailed and intricate more than one can imagine just by looking.......
Excellent article on the design and engineering of peacock feathers
by Stuart Burgess, Professor of Design and Nature, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol (UK) here
(figure 2; Stuart Burgess)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your way

"Your Way" print from digital illustration by Mimma/;

less...well, "me" oriented...just the day by day, in every single thing -
Knowing....everything I do is wrong, but....everything He does is right... right way... it is a choice...
Your way, or not....we are the same in God's eyes - we both have a DNA problem: sin.
- our will is under sin's control...and Lord Jesus, Son of God broke that control forever...he paid is a gift to accept - to take

Your Way ♥ the to you, to me, because He paid with Himself - His Son - because He says you are worth it
The value is what someone pays for it - God paid for you with His perfect blood, perfect life. It is finished♥ you accept the gift of God? Your Way, God, not mine...His life in me, and you?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

one baby step in Him

These beautiful, entirely handmade button/badges by, in Latvia -
The flowers she uses are real :D

Update on I♥ Latvia June 10, 2010

So, I had no money to give other than my meager donation - I did, however, have an etsy shop filled with items I made....that's it! The light (of Him) went off and now I have boxed and shipped every single item in my shop
to Northern California, to aid in fund raising for the mission trip to Latvia.
"But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth" 2 corinthians 10:17-18

and that is, my glorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - to Him be the glory and the honor and the praise forever and ever amen.

So - my shop is empty!~ soon to be filled, the Lord willing :D Thank you God, for saving me, from me and from my sin -- I couldn't do it, so you did it for me.

Encouraging contributions still :D see previous blog for the clickable links
and special thanks to you who have given, and to all you for your continued prayer for the Powers and the Petriks, and for Latvia♥

Monday, June 7, 2010

Someone took the time to

Click on the following Calvary Latvia link, scroll down the page and you will see on the left hand side "March Prayer Requests" and directly on the left (under three crosses a little bit further down) a small button saying Make a Donation - click that button after you click here:

Calvary Latvia

The adorable hand made, needle felted bear in the photo above?.
Made by Latvian designer and artist Rudu..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I ♥ Latvia

Update: As of June 6. 2010, I am offering any item-of your choosing- from my store to individuals who donate $50 to this mission, and, any three items - of your choosing- from my store for donations of $100.

I love Latvia - I have never been to the European continent. But I love Latvia.
I have met two of the kindest, most hard working, gifted women on etsy....they are both from Latvia.

I'd like to buy out their shops, if I could, yet....
To give Him, to lead someone to Him - and teach through His Word
is the best gift you could ever give anyone,
anytime, anywhere....

There is someone who is in Latvia, teaching and leading.
Calvary Chapel Latvia.

I learned that there is a young family in Santa Cruz, California who are going to Latvia, to assist Brenten with his mission. The Petriks.

I thought," how can I help?"
I pray, and donate, and ask...

I ask, please make a donation to help send the Petriks to Latvia
I step out, in faith , and ask for donations.

you can donate online through CCSC's online-giving.

(under "budget" choose "special missions" and under "notes" write "Petriks-Latvia")

ANY AMOUNT HELPS ! and PRAYER is always greatly encouraged and welcomed :D

Perhaps this will be an extra nudge to get people moving and helping....because, well,
I ♥ Latvia

Thank you :D
my friends in Latvia are:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunlight and Cheer

Sun and light, yellow and amber, a cheerful necklace that brightens....
I enjoy using vintage materials that I have - unused stock, usually made in Japan - and combining that with components that I purchase from different artisans on etsy.

This necklace is such an example...the necklace chain is vintage Japan made textured steel links,
embellished with beautiful borosilicate glass beads, crocheted delicate blossoms, and handmade stainless steel closed loops.

The beads are the artistry of
the blossoms are the artistry of
the closed rings are the artistry of

This necklace reminds me that the sun always shines...even when I can't see it, is there. And that the Light of Lord Jesus shines always, through it all...even, and especially, when it doesn't feel like He is there...He is.