Monday, April 16, 2012

Sands of Time

Passage of Time I by Riebart
The words of a favorite song are "The sands of time are sinking...", and though we usually do not like to acknowledge it, time passes.  There - another moment gone - every single moment is new, every single day is new...and will never ever pass this way again.

That fact can be either something joyous, or something depressing.....

but - with the ending of Passover for this year, let us be reminded that God delivered Israel from the bondage of Egypt - and while  Israel was redeemed and saved, the Egyptians and Pharaoh were judged.  There is no salvation nor redemption without Judgment...there is no love without Righteous Justice.

We will stand before God one day - whether you believe it or not, you will stand before Him - and receive eternal judgment unless, covered by the Passover Lamb's blood - the sinless blood of Jesus Christ - who lived the sinless, blameless life AND took our place on the cross receiving the full punishment and judgment for our sins, in our place. Died, and was resurrected in the flesh for our salvation.

It is a gift from God - we cannot earn it, nor buy it - just receive it - receive His salvation, in Jesus Christ.