Monday, August 9, 2010

Commune, and win

Commune Teddy Pendant by ReLoved Designs
This week's post is a shout out to a gal I met on etsy -
Rebecca of ReLoved Designs. Not only is she a lovely woman,
has a terrific one of kind shop
...but she is also doing her very first giveaway!!! on her blog--->
ReLoved Designs
just comment on whatever motivates you when...
you have trouble getting motivated :D

He motivates me....and He shines in Rebecca

The times when I wander on the internet,
sometimes her blog or a facebook post comes up..
and it brings a smile to my face,
and joy to my heart........
not so much because of what she writes (lol - although it is always excellent!)
  I was thinking,
                               there are many reasons
                                                       why I am so thankful to know her,
                        but if I had to put it in a word,

                                              it is because Rebecca is:

                                                                     pendant by ReLoved Designs

Yes - GENUINE...and not only is that exceedingly rare, it is a gift from God, in Lord Jesus as Saviour :O) Thank you Rebecca, simply for who you are in Him - genuine :O)

Hey! Don't forget to comment and enter to Win on her blog! ReLovedDesigns
(you can leave me a comment, too :D)


  1. Hi Kippy!!

    I will run over to her blog and enter.

    Genuine is such a wonderful quality in a person! YOu are blessed to have her among your friends!


  2. I like hearing about your friend Rebecca, I have a best friend named Rebecca also, she makes nice things too!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. Hey Sis... I love reloved's work too. Will check out her giveaway. Thanks for the convo!

  4. Thank you Kippy! You've made my day!

  5. Thank you Phyllis!!!

    My pleasure and joy, ReLoved!!


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