Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the return......

.....to blogging and embroidery and challenges!

it has been just a few months since the last post.......over 100 boxes (!) that had been in family storage for  13 years, were dropped off all at once, here at home in June.....OH MY!  this certainly interrupted my stream of blogging (slow stream though it was), embroidery, etsy listings, etc.!

The storage box unpacking, selling items on ebay, and general putting away continues!  but can I manage to continue blogging and embroidering too?  stay tuned :)
Here is the Crazy Quilt Journal Challenge block for June:

luke 2:32
thank you for looking and visiting!!


  1. good to see you back bloggong. I am sure you will find time once all the boxes are unpacked, how exciting it must have been to retrieve things not seen for 13 years, I expect you found lots of bits and pieces you had forgotten about.

  2. Good luck with the boxes and all of the sorting that goes with it. crazy patchwork looking good.


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