Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September crazy quilt block!

:)  3 more blocks to go for the CQJP2013 challenge! 


  1. never thought to do the bullion knots on a seam but will be doing some now, they work so well. what about a photo of the whole block for us to see please! Yes 3 to go and then will have to decide if I will sign up for next year

  2. Your stitcheries are beautiful ,lovely colours.

  3. karen ruane http://karenannruane.typepad.com is the artist/embroiderer who first taught me the long bullions on the seams - she is on flickr
    as well :)
    (hope these links work - her work is just beautiful, and a lovely artist to follow )

  4. A great cqjp with an ingenious way of using stitches.

  5. I like seeing crazy quilts made with modern cotton prints. You add your seam embellishment and stitches in such a new way. Love the clustered Bullion Stitches covering the seam.

  6. your bullion stitch are perfect. I can't do this stitch. I don't know why, but when I try to do it, it is even ugly. what sort of stitches have you used on the heart of the 4th picture ? are they french knot or an other type of knot ?

    1. wow - thank you! i use a millliners needle for the bullion stitches and that helps greatly -
      yes - those are french knots - I made them a bit loose (not tight) so they would pouf :)

  7. Very nice stitching Kippy. Your block looks super.


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