Monday, June 7, 2010

Someone took the time to

Click on the following Calvary Latvia link, scroll down the page and you will see on the left hand side "March Prayer Requests" and directly on the left (under three crosses a little bit further down) a small button saying Make a Donation - click that button after you click here:

Calvary Latvia

The adorable hand made, needle felted bear in the photo above?.
Made by Latvian designer and artist Rudu..


  1. wonderful story, Kippy,it's so great to know how God can reach out and touch someone through others.

  2. Kippy, just goes to show how God uses everyone and everything for His glory. That is a great story. Glad to see you set up on paypal.

  3. So where is the link for the donation? Please convo me. Thanks!


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