Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your way

"Your Way" print from digital illustration by Mimma/;

less...well, "me" oriented...just the day by day, in every single thing -
Knowing....everything I do is wrong, but....everything He does is right... right way... it is a choice...
Your way, or not....we are the same in God's eyes - we both have a DNA problem: sin.
- our will is under sin's control...and Lord Jesus, Son of God broke that control forever...he paid is a gift to accept - to take

Your Way ♥ the to you, to me, because He paid with Himself - His Son - because He says you are worth it
The value is what someone pays for it - God paid for you with His perfect blood, perfect life. It is finished♥ you accept the gift of God? Your Way, God, not mine...His life in me, and you?


  1. Hi Kippy...I know your reward in heaven is going to be great because if you confess Him before men, He will confess you before His Father in heaven. You do that daily-in word and deed!

  2. Nice one! Great to be reminded of all this and lovely pic!

  3. Yes, I do and I am taking it back less and less. His will not mine.


  4. We all want to do it our way at times, don't we? Thanks for the reminder to choose His way-it's always right!

  5. Having it my way has become so ingrained even in many Christian communities that is refreshing to hear someone say that it is His way.

  6. Kippy, what a lovely post, and a great reminder! Thank you for your posts! :)

  7. Jennifer, that is so true! Thank you for the reminder!! ♥

  8. Hey sis, this is a wonderful post. It is so true, it is not about having it our way... the best is God's way!


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