Saturday, June 30, 2012

Palestrina..and catching up!

Palestrina knot for TAST week 26
The Palestrina knot took me many tries to figure out...but once I kept at it, it is a favorite now. In these soft pearl cottons, it looks like frosting (doesn't really convey the frosting look in the photos...)
I enjoyed it so much, I added it to another project I am working on:

the cherry color, and the gingerbread color look like frosting (to me).

And....I have been catching up with TAST!  here are my beginner workings of weeks 1 - 12 :


  1. Great work. Lots of structure in this stitch.

  2. I to love this stitch quite versatile. First 12 Tast in one piece well done you.

  3. Your Palestrina stitching does indeed look frosting-like especially in the soft coloured threads you chose. :)


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