Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take A Stitch

Cable Chain Stitch for TAST week 25

This is the first sampling of stitches I have attempted for the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge, found on sharon b's Pin Tangle blog.  This is for week 25,
Cable Chain Stitch.
three rows of cable chain stitch...

cable chain Bunny row .....

cable chain rows as "leaves" with bullion caterpillars....
I have some catching up to do- and am working at it!  But it is a lovely "adventure" to be participating in many beautiful embroidery examples to look at, new blogs to explore, new friends to "meet".  You do NOT have to be a great embroiderer to come evidenced by my meager samplings :D  Come along, if you please!


  1. Nice to have you on board! TAST is a great chance to learn and share.
    Your cable chains are looking great - I especially like the little wormy Bullion knots wiggling into the chain!

  2. Welcome to us TASTers, Kippy! Your caterpillars crawling on chains is so creative!

  3. Cable chain stitch are nicely done..caterpillars idea is nice..

  4. so cute, the little rabbit. and caterpillar also.

  5. this is gorgeous embroidery...can't wait to see what you do to your ledger.

  6. Neatly done ...Bullion caterpillars!!! great idea. Love to see more of your posts.


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