Friday, September 14, 2012

Web Secrets - TAST 37

stronger than Kevlar

This week's TAST stitch is the Pistil stitch - and it reminded me of........

a spider's web -  so I stitched this little piece using the pistil stitch for every part - the twigs and little buds too.....

Real spider's webs are incredible, and amazing -  and  spiders, capable of such astounding chemical and scientific processes, did not evolve from slime ...any more than my stitching did.
They were created and designed :)

Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, [unto thee] do we give thanks: for [that] thy name is near thy wondrous works declare. Psalm 75:1

the Pistil Stitch is one of many stitches I have learned by participating in the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge, hosted by sharon b. at pintangle  It is great for all levels of embroiderers, even beginners (like me )! So come along!

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  1. Nice work !!!!You amaze me with great design which very well goes with the stitch !!!!

  2. you are always great in making and keeping your designs meaningful and noticeable with each and every stittches..well done!keep you kippy..:)

  3. what a good idea and so well stitched!!

  4. A lovely idea for this stitch. Beautifully made!

  5. Interesting twist on this stitch!

  6. lovely work....and I like your little cat too!

  7. oh, it is cute and funy. i love it


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