Monday, November 17, 2014

nearing the finish

Hello!  my!! these few months have flown, so  I am determined to press on again with blog posts!

I have been crocheting several items, needle felting a bit, landscaping and gardening (outside of course), and finishing up this year's crazy quilt journal project!!  it is a bday present for my dear daughter, so it must be finished speedily!

Will be posting the oct and nov blocks soon, but here is a taste of december -
 I  drew a dachshund riding a horse and embroidered it :)

more to follow!

we can't pay, so He paid for us - will you accept His payment so that you may have life, and be reconciled to the Father? That is the choice - please do not refuse so great a salvation.


  1. have been concerned as to why we had not seen you blogging and was surprised that it is over 3 months, how neglectful not to have been in touch to see you were okay but so good to see you back. You have great skill with a pencil as well as the needle love the little sketch you are creating in stitch

  2. Good to see you back! Charming dog enjoying a ride on the horse.

  3. Hi I keep coming and going nice to know others do the same.


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