Thursday, August 28, 2014

shawl, cloak of ascents

crocheted leaf dangles edging

more leaf dangles edging

pattern link here  main shawl body, before edging

In August I have been crocheting this shawl~ it has been a challenge and I have learned a lot.  Am finishing up the leaf dangle details, then the final edging around the main body, then blocking...then wearing!

I call it my "cloak of ascents", because I think of the different Psalms of Ascent which were sung on the ascent to Jerusalem, it is thought originally, but now can be sung and read always!  I love the Word of God!
"In the Old Testament there are fifteen psalms called the "Psalms of Ascent," which together make up one of the most precious and beautiful portions of the Bible. These psalms were to be sung when the children of Israel came to Jerusalem and ascended to the top of Mount Zion three times a year, where they would hold a feast before the Lord. The physical ascent of the Israelites up Mount Zion is a type, or a picture, of the spiritual ascent of Christian believers through their growth in life and experience. " excerpt from this blog (not an endorsement of the site, but a nice explanation ;)


  1. lovely shawl especially the edging I have never seen that before.

  2. Your shawl is wonderful, i like the little leaves.

  3. what a beautiful shawl and I just love the leaf dangles

  4. A gorgeous looking shawl and the edging looks great :)


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