Wednesday, December 3, 2014

sayonara first imac

Two weeks ago our dear 2004 imac was shut down...and did not wake up.  FROM January 2004, until the end of November 2014, it was used every single day....went through a lot  with us, and navigated the Web even though it was no longer supported by browsers.

I truly thank GOD for its continued use all these years.

Now we are using a tablet in the android...I miss mac os :(  but I do get to use This!  Hooray!

So just updating the blog with this news...cannot upload photos etc without a computer so we will just wait :)
Continuing to praise  GOD for who HE is

Love to all my blog friends!


  1. That is why I love Apple computers! Trusty, loyal and hardworking! I guess your next computer will be a Mac?!

  2. hope you get a new mac soon. I have just got a new lap top, I love it it is only a mini 11" screen but I find it more than big enough and beats the great big old computer, can take this to bed with me and catch up with things


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