Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tokyo international quilt show

I received my postcard today from the Tokyo quiltshow,  noting on which quilt the  block I submitted will appear. :)  I am so Excited!
 now...if only I could go:D but I am thrilled the block is there.
queeniepatch is where I first learned of the NHK quilt festival and that anyone can send in a quilt block to be added to the charity quilts - please read about it, and join in next year 2015!


  1. how wonderful to have a block selected. Do you follow Queenie as she lives in Japan and goes every year to the festival

  2. I will be delighted to look for your block in quilt #38! Do you mind if I put a picture of it on my blog report in January?

  3. how exciting it will be great to see it combined in the quilt.

  4. Bravo, it is wonderful to have a block selected!


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