Thursday, November 28, 2013

with Thanksgiving

another ornament...this one was supposed to be  a chicken...but looks more like a turkey methinks

I enjoyed the embroidery, beading and picot - making...

and am so thankful, for so much...
in fact, when I count all my blessing from God, there is no room for the worry  which unceasingly seeks to creep in...

but cannot,

when I praise His Holy name, in Thanksgiving :D


  1. this sis such a sweet turkey bringing Christmas closer to us and all that it means, not presents etc but the birth of our wonderful baby Jesus all those years ago.
    Re my blog Kippy, most comments come through to me with an email address not sure why yours doesn`t

  2. The picots look great for the comb and wattle of your bird. Not being able to count our blessings is a blessing in itself!

    1. amen Queenie - you are exactly correct :)

  3. Your ornament looks lovely and makes a great chicken or turkey.


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