Monday, January 26, 2015

glad to be back 2015

(beginnings of new quilt project for 2015 - more to come)

 yes! a new computer !  so now, I can get back to posting (more) I hope~!
Firstly, a big thank you to Queenie at QueeniePatch for posting photos and adding "color" to the narration of the International Quilt Show in Tokyo this past week.  This first post of hers focuses on the charity quilts!  Please read through and scroll down to see the different selections of beautiful and cute blocks.  
photo by Queeniepatch

She took photos of the quilt block I had sewn and donated to be part of the charity quilts that are sewn together, displayed and then auctioned off.  I am so glad I participated...and I look forward to participating again this year as well~!

photo by Queeniepatch
see more of the wonderful handwork from the Tokyo International Quilt Festival here and here too


  1. It was a pleasure to know you had taken part in the project, to find your block and to write about it on my blog. I'll love to do it again 2016!!


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